Rigid Limb Bow
Adjustable Draw Weight Rotating the spring tube located in the lower limb allows singl point adjustment of the draw weight setting by altering spring tension on the draw string.

Adjustable Draw Weight

Force Leveler

Adjustable Draw Weight Let-Off

Adjustable Draw Length

Compression Spring Powered, Rigid Limb Bow

US Patent 6,698,413 B1

The Compression Spring Powered, Rigid Limb Bow is a patented design that is independently adjustable for draw weight, draw weight let-off and draw length in a rigid, non-moving, frame that takes the shape of a contemporary archery bow.

This unique invention enables the bow to have perfectly level nock travel.

The Rigid Limb Bow is the most adjustable bow ever designed and has the potential to become the only bow an archer ever needs to purchase.